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We offer top quality custom PCs. All systems are hand assembled to your exact specifications. We have extensive Linux experience allowing us to help you choose the perfect system. We are authorized resellers for several laptop manufacturers. We sell ABS, Acer, Clevo, Fujitsu, HP/Compaq, IBM/Leveno, Toshiba, Toughbook as well as several whitebook brands. Many of our laptops are available with Linux preinstalled. Our Linux and Windows servers are full customizable. Our servers are configured to your specifications and throughly tested before shipping, allowing you to be able to plug your system in and have in functioning for its intended purpose within minutes.

Media Center PCs
Point of Sale Terminals / Thin Clients
Media Centre PCs Point of Sale Terminals / Thin Clients Components/Accessories
Custom media center PCs are available in several colours and form factors. Media center systems are available with your choice of Microsoft Windows Media Center/Windows 7 or MythTV/Linux. We are able to provide turnkey custom Linux point of sale systems and thin clients for business of all sizes and all price ranges. We offer a wide variety of components and accessories for all types of computers.

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